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Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss is an option for those individuals who are looking to remove the excess pounds they are unable to shed through conventional weight loss methods.  Weight loss isthe decrease of body weight due to the loss of fat, fluid or muscle. Society tends to influence fashions and trends and society, for the most part, associates beauty with being thin.  Because of this, dieting and weight loss has quickly become a 40 billion dollar per year industry.  Health reasons as well as pressure from society to conform have made weight loss surgeries very popular for both men and women to undergo today.  While medical and surgical weight loss treatments are not classified as cosmetic procedures, the results often enhances a person’s look and feel. 

For those individuals who have been unable to lose weight through conventional methods of diet, exercise and or medications, medical weight loss may be the only option.  This course of action is often referred to as Bariatric surgery or lap band surgery and is generally reserved for those individuals who are considered morbidly obese.  Obesity results from the excessive accumulation of fat that greatly exceeds the body’s physical standards.  In order to be considered for one of the surgical weight loss approaches, one needs to be at least 100lbs over the average for their height and weight and have a BMI greater than 40.

Medical Weight Loss procedures are either restrictive, malabsorptive or a combination of both.  Restrictive procedures are based on the premise that if the stomach is smaller, a feeling of fullness is created quicker and therefore fewer calories will be consumed. Malabsorptive procedures involve altering the digestion process by bypassing the stomach to the small intestine which limits the absorption of calories, in so doing weight loss results.  A combination of malabsorption and restrictive procedures are done to help individuals take advantage of both types of calorie restriction.

The transformation medical weight loss patients experience is very extreme and very self rewarding.  By combining medical weight loss, diet and exercise, patients can take full advantage of the results they achieve by smoothing and toning their new figure.  For those individuals who are concerned with their weight, these medical procedures may be just what you need.  Consult with your physician and determine if there are any medical weight loss treatments that are right for you.

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