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Losing Face Fat

Millions and millions of dollars are spent every year on a quest for fat reduction.  The pursuit for area specific fat loss is a continued mission for fitness and aesthetic specialists.  Many want to know how to lose fat from their face.  While some experience a fuller face and chin due to weight gain, others will come by it genetically.  Sadly there are no target specific exercises or diets to deal with a chubby or full looking fat.  The good news is there are ways to aid in eliminating the problem. For some facial fat is a product of childhood and adolescence.  This fullness will usually dissipate as the person ages and matures.  For others losing facial fat can be as simple as beginning on a healthy diet and exercise plan.  Weight reduction often initially shows in the face first.  The general rule seems to be that the last place the fat appears is the first place to come off.  While there are no sure fire face specific exercises, healthy eating and an increase in exercising will assist in slimming down the facial features.

For many, facial fat tends to reside in the chin and neck areas even after significant weight loss.  When this is the situation some surgical and non surgical options can be an effective alternative.
Lipoplasty or liposuction of the chin will remove residual fat from the neck and chin area through vacuum suction.  A small incision made under the chin makes this a quick procedure that can often be done in the office under local anesthesia.  Laser assisted liposuction procedures not only suction away the fat, but the heat generated by the laser is also effective in tightening the skin to provide an even more pleasing and rapid result. 

Non invasive, non ablative lasers can also be effective through the use of heat energy to create a thermal injury under the skin.  As healing takes place collagen begins to rebuild under the surface of the skin. The effect is firmer and smoother skin, thereby giving the appearance of face fat reduction.

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