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Laser Body Sculpting

When diet and exercise alone have failed to produce the shape you desire, body sculpting procedures may be the answer.  Reshaping the body with the use of surgical and laser techniques helps eliminate those accumulated pockets of fat that have been otherwise resistant to the traditional methods of exercising and eating healthy.  Sometimes known as laser lipolysis, laser body sculpting employs laser light to liquefy fat cells and vacuum suction to remove them.  Less invasive than traditional liposuction, laser body sculpting is most effective on those smaller areas such as arms, chin and neck that are more defiant against the traditional methods of elimination (standard liposuction).  SmartLipo™, VASER® and CoolLipo® are some of the most commonly used surgical laser treatments available today. 

Faster and more efficient than traditional liposuction, laser fat removal has the advantage of less side effects and quicker recovery time.  It is gentler and safer, partly due to the smaller cannula probes (wand like tubes) that are used to melt the fat.  The small cannula size makes for smaller incisions and limits the chances of scarring.  The heat generated by the laser tip initiates a healing response and stimulates collagen within the tissue.  This results in skin contraction from the inside, giving the skin a firmer and smoother appearance.

Laser body sculpting with SmartLipo™, SmoothLipo™ and CoolLipo® are extremely successful on those smaller harder to treat areas such as arms, chin and neck.   These lasers sport minimal downtime, making them an attractive option for those whose time for recovery is limited.

For larger areas that require more of a de-bulking type fat removal there is also the VASER®.  VASER® works with ultrasound energy to liquefy fat prior to its removal.  It can be used for both large and small areas for successful fat elimination and excellent body sculpting.

The liquefaction of the fat speeds up the surgical process with most procedures taking less than one hour from start to finish.   For some, normal activities can be resumed in as little as 24 hours.    Results from laser liposuction can often be seen immediately, with treated areas appearing tighter and smaller, however the best outcomes are usually seen within 6-8 weeks.

Consult with your certified cosmetic professional to determine if laser assisted lipectomy is right for you.  The average costs for laser fat removal can range from $2000-$8000.

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