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How To Lose Body Fat

The amount of money spent yearly on products to help eliminate body fat is enormous.  From wonder pills to exercise videos to magic diet plans, everyone is looking for the best way to reduce body fat.  Want to know the secret on how to lose body fat? Amazingly it is no secret at all and can be summed up in three words: Diet and exercise.  The best most effective and least invasive way to lose body fat is a healthy diet and exercise program that consists of both aerobic activity and weight resistance training.  The classic example and the proof that it works is to look at the diet and exercise reality shows.  Contestants are put on healthy lower calorie diets, eating smaller more frequent meals, and a strenuous exercise program of cardio and weights.  While these can be extreme situations, the same premise applies to all who want to reduce their body fat.  The goal is to burn more calories than you put into your body. 

Sadly there is no miraculous quick fix.  Hard work and will power will help you to achieve your goals and keep the fat off.  Even on the best diet and exercise regimes some areas of fat may continue to remain.  Some fat is just resistant to the lifestyle changes.  When this occurs, surgical and non surgical procedures may be enlisted to assist in achieving the goal.

Surgical procedures to lose body fat include liposuction and some lifts and tucks.  Traditional or laser assisted liposuction is specifically designed to remove fat from target areas by liquefying the fat and suctioning it out through a vacuum system.  Surgical lifts and tucks tighten muscles below the surface, and remove or lift skin to give the appearance of a reduction in fat.  Some of the surgeries require a significant amount of recovery time.  Non surgical procedures other than diet and exercise to lose body fat include mesotherapy and cellulite reduction lasers.  And finally some lifestyle modifications can assist in losing body fat.  These include getting enough sleep every night, 7-8 hours, limiting alcohol consumption and reducing or limiting stress.

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