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Featured Lasers

Significant technological advances have brought about the development of many laser technologies that are capable of producing both medical and cosmetic results for a plethora of treatments.  Below you will find some information on the lasers most often used in fat removal and fat reduction treatments.  Read on and discover if any of these laser technologies can help you to achieve the fat reduction results you are looking for.

Accent Laser - The Accent Laser by Alma is an innovative new laser that can reduce unwanted cellulite and contour and shape areas of the face and body both safely and effectively.  The Accent Laser utilizes RF (radiofrequency) and Thermotherapy for non-invasive cellulite reduction and body contouring results.  As the dermis layers of skin are heated by the laser, a natural increase in the production of collagen occurs.  Collagen production leads to smoother, tighter skin, a reduction in unwanted cellulite and a more contoured shape.  The Alma Accent Laser provides an innovative way for individuals to get the tighter, younger look and feel they desire.

SmartLipo™ - SmartLipo™ technology provides a revolutionary new way to remove unwanted fat.  The process involves inserting a tiny laser through a cannula in order to liquefy unwanted fat.  This technology utilizes a 1064-nm Nd: YAG laser for effective elimination of unwanted fat.  This laser can range from 6w to 18w; the higher the wattage, the faster the procedure.  This laser technology can safely and effectively liquefy unwanted fat cells and coagulate small blood vessels.  This coagulation minimizes bleeding and swelling which significantly reduces the pain and the downtime associated with the procedure.

SmoothLipo™ - SmoothLipo™ by Elemé Medical is one of the most recent laser assisted fat reduction devices to hit the market.  This unique treatment combines laser light with vacuum suction for a minimally invasive approach to localized fat reduction.  The SmoothLipo™ device utilizes 980nm of laser light in conjunction with gentle vacuum suction for fat reduction and skin tightening effects.  The laser light effectively heats up the targeted area in order to liquefy fat cells that are then naturally removed by the body.  The heat also effectively smoothes and tightens skin to allow the body a more contoured shape.

CoolLipo® - Similar to the SmartLipo™ system, CoolLipo® is also a less invasive form of laser assisted liposuction, however this treatment does differ slightly.  The CoolLipo® system utilizes a 1320nm laser to liquefy problem fat, which is a longer pulsed laser when compared to the Nd: YAG.  CoolLipo not only effectively removes localized fat cells, this longer wavelength laser is also effective for skin tightening in the treatment area.  For fat reduction in conjunction with a more contoured shape, CoolLipo® can get you the look you desire.

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