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Fat Reduction

Fat by definition is the overabundance of flesh, but in society today, the word fat implies being overweight.  Each year billions of dollars are spent on fat reducing diet plans, exercise videos and surgical and non surgical techniques in the pursuit of the ideal body shape free of fat.   Reducing fat basically comes down to burning more calories than the body takes in.  Two surefire ways to reduce fat: Diet and exercise. 

Step one: Eat a healthy diet.  Processed and refined foods are easily digested and are also more easily converted into fat.   Diets with more lean meats, vegetables and fruits make the body work harder to digest and will therefore burn more calories. Step two: Exercise, both aerobic and resistance weight training.  Aerobic exercise, such as running or walking will assist in reducing the overall stores of body fat.  Aerobic activity done in conjunction with resistant weight training will burn off more fat and calories during and after workouts.  Changing eating habits and incorporating an exercise regime are needed to achieve the goal of fat reduction and the results are worth the effort. 

What can be done when diet and exercise do not eliminate the fatty deposits?  When this occurs surgical and non surgical measures can be taken.  Fat reduction surgery is basically liposuction.  Traditional liposuction will remove fatty deposits below the skin with the use of suction. Laser assisted liposuction or laser lipolysis is the newest technology to remove unwanted fat. Currently several lasers  are available such as Smartlipo™, Smoothlipo™ or CoolLipo® that are specifically designed for those hard to reach, hard to eliminate areas of fat.  Laser light breaks up and liquefies the fat for an even more efficient and gentler way to remove those troublesome areas.  Laser lipolysis is very successful for those smaller areas.  To reduce larger amounts of fat, then the VASER® would be another option.  VASER® uses ultrasound technology to denature fat and remove it via vacuum suction as well. 

Other treatments to reduce the appearance of body fat include Mesotherapy which involves aseries of injections into the area of excess that helps to breakdown and eliminate fat. And SmoothShapes®, Accent laser and VelaShape™ are non invasive laser and radiofrequency treatments that work with heat and manual massage to reduce the unwanted surface fat (cellulite).

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