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Lipomassage™ is the newest generation of Endermologie® treatments to become available to those individuals who are looking to combat unwanted cellulite and reduce localized fat deposits for a more contoured look and shape.  Over the years, dozens of cellulite remedies have hit the market, and due to innovation and technology, some have provided better results than others.  Some treatments are invasive, whereas others are non-invasive; requiring no anesthesia and no down-time.  While finding the treatment that works for you can be difficult, it is only half the battle.  Successfully completing the treatments and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the only way individuals can truly remain cellulite free.  Lipomassage™ Endermologie® treatments are a safe, effective way to get the look and feel you desire.

Endermologie® is a type of body contouring therapy that utilizes massage techniques to reduce problem cellulite and localized fat deposits.  Originally used as a deep tissue massage for injured horses, it was quickly discovered that this deep tissue therapy resulted in smoother skin.  Nowadays, Endermology is used in a series of treatments in order to alleviate the body of cellulite.

The Lipomassage™ Endermologie® treatment is performed by using a therapeutic Endermologie Machine compromised of massagers that stimulate various layers of the skin.  During each treatment patients will wear a specifically designed body stocking; this provides the best access for treatment.  The massager uses mild suction to pull at the skin through the stocking in order to gently roll and pinch it.  Lipomassage utilizes its Roll’in, Roll’out, Roll’up technology for more pronounced results.  This concentrated massage technique works to break down subcutaneous fat, reduce water retention and rid the body of toxins.  Roll’in is used for body slimming, Roll’out for firmer skin and Roll’up for body contouring.  When this treatment is performed, collagen production is normalized and circulation is increased which allows for less build up and ultimately softer, firmer skin.

A single Endermologie treatment will not completely alleviate the body of unwanted cellulite and localized fat deposits.  The skin may take on a fresher, firmer appearance, but it will only last for a limited amount of time.  In order to experience the lasting benefits that this innovative treatment can provide, it is recommended that patients receive a series of 6 evenly spaced treatments treatments in order to fully experience smoother, firmer skin.  This body contouring therapy is not a cure for unwanted cellulite and localized fat deposits, but when incorporated into your daily life, it will keep your skin looking and feeling its best.

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