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Appearing mostly on the hips thighs and buttocks, cellulite is a skin condition that results when fat cells get trapped and swell within the skin.  These enlarged cells give the skin that unsightly lumpy dimpled look of cottage cheese.  Amazingly, over 85% of women over the age of 20 are affected by cellulite regardless of their weight or size.  This number even incorporates the most disciplined and trained athletes. Cellulite is no longer considered a “fat persons” condition as previously termed.  So what can be done to eliminate it? 

Sadly there is no surefire way to eliminate cellulite forever.  Treatments target the current symptoms and appearance, requiring repeat treatments periodically to keep the lumpy skin at bay.  While eating a sensible, healthy diet and exercise does help the appearance, the condition cannot be removed by diet and exercise alone.

Cellulite is ranked in stages from mild to severe.  Genetics, hormones, vascular changes and inflammation can be attributed to why it is formed. The treatments available can aid in the reduction of the cottage cheese-like appearance on the abdomen, hips thighs, and buttocks.  Topical solutions such as creams, lotions and exfoliants will moisturize and remove top layers of skin to rehydrate and reduced the look of the inflammation.  However these are very temporary.

Laser based treatments such as the Affirm, Smoothshapes® and VelaShape™ are available to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  They work by utilizing combinations of radiofrequency, infrared and laser light energy heat up, liquefy and dissolve the fat cells.  Suction and deep tissue massage then manipulate the skin, guiding the liquefied fat out of the body through vascular and lymphatic drainage.  Initial treatment protocols require 4-8 sessions with yearly or bi-yearly maintenance.

Additional cellulite reduction procedures include Endermologie® and Mesotherapy.  Endermologie® works by using deep tissue massage and suction to break up the fat and move it out of the specified areas.  Mesotherapy is a series of injections into target areas made up of a mixture of medications, plant extracts and vitamins. The injections dissolve the fat, causing a smoother skin appearance.  Several sessions are needed for an effective result.  Cost for cellulite reduction varies depending on the treatments.  Procedural treatments can range from $100 - $300 per session.

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