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Body Contouring

As body contouring procedures continue to grow in popularity, more and more individuals are striving to achieve the perfect body shape.  There are several different cosmetic and surgical procedures currently available that can help men and women to achieve the body contour they desire.  The key is to research each treatment option and discover which contouring procedure will work the best for your specific needs.  The most common methods that patients currently undergo are liposuction, laser lipolysis and body lifts.

Liposuction:  liposuction is the most traditional of all the body contouring surgery procedures.  It is an invasive procedure that is designed to remove excess fat from any area of the face or body.  Tiny incisions are made beneath the outer layers of skin where a cannula is then inserted.  Once inserted, the cannula is then attached to vacuum suction which literally ‘sucks’ the excess fat from between the skin and muscle.  Results for this procedure are a much more defined body contour.

Laser Lipolysis:  Laser Lipolysis hit the market in the form of the revolutionary new SmartLipo™ procedure.  This treatment is a technologically advanced counterpart to traditional liposuction.  While it is still considered an invasive procedure, it involves less risk, less downtime and provides patients with better results.  Laser lipolysis requires just a single incision in the treatment area, a cannula is inserted into the incision and within the cannula is a laser fiber.  The laser fiber is designed to liquefy excess fat cells so that they can then be removed from the treatment site for a tighter, more contoured shape.

Body Lift:  a body lift is another body contouring treatment that involves lifting excess and sagging skin from some or all parts of the body.  As we age, gravity slowly takes a toll on our body and our once tight, smooth skin starts to droop and sag.  Body Lifts work to remove excess skin and tighten remaining skin for the return of the tight, smooth, more contoured shape.  Oftentimes body lifts are performed in conjunction with liposuction because more often than not, patients have both excess skin and excess fat they are looking to get rid of so this allows them to do both simultaneously.

All of these Body Contouring methods are very common and very popular.  Before undergoing any contouring procedure, be sure to weigh all the pros and cons of each to ensure you are making the best decision possible.

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